President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Television address on the occasion of the New Year 2016

31.12.2015 23:51, Dushanbe city

A few moments later the 2015 will come to an end and the New Year 2016 will start.

On this occasion, I congratulate the whole glorious people of Tajikistan and all overseas compatriots, and I wish every inhabitant of our motherland health, happiness, good life and new successes.

In the past year, despite the complications and sensitivity of the situation on the planet and the negative impact of the global financial crisis, thanks to the lasting peace and stability, strong will and aspirations of our people, honesty and generosity of the sons of our beloved country, we have achieved a number of significant results.

Through patriotic efforts and hard work of the glorious people of the country throughout our state the good creative process consistently continued, dozens of new industrial enterprises and shops were created, thousands of our fellow citizens are provided with permanent jobs.

As a result of tireless work of experienced and hard-working farmers of the country compared with previous years significantly improved the supply of domestic food production for population and normal situation has been preserved in the consumer market.

The past year was also particular by the fact that in early March, in a calm atmosphere one of the most important political events took place, that is the Election of deputies to Majlisi Oli (Parliament) and Local Majlises (Councils).

In this important political event, the glorious people of the country took an active part and once again proved that the chosen path of our people is irrevocable and sovereign Tajikistan is moving steadily along the path of building a democratic, legal and secular state.

I am convinced that the glorious people of Tajikistan further in the name of a bright and happy future of our beloved country will work with renewed responsibility, seeking to ensure the country's development and the strengthening of its economic power.

In the past year, a number of important governmental, international, scientific and cultural events, including the celebration of the 700th  anniversary of the outstanding Tajik-Persian poet and thinker Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadoni and 3000th anniversary of ancient Hissar were commemorated.

The reforms and modernization in the sectors of business and investment, spheres of industry, agriculture, science, education, culture, health and other sectors of society continued, and mutually beneficial relations and cooperation between Tajikistan and other countries expanded.

The Government of the country in the course of 2015, as always, directed all its efforts and commitment to ensure to create favorable conditions for a dignified life of the population.

Therefore, a number of concrete measures were taken in order to deal with social issues, including support for the needy and vulnerable in society, the greatest possible access of adolescents and youth to quality education, their education in the spirit of patriotism and high national sentiment, as well as for providing the inhabitants of the country with jobs.

We are happy to provide a quiet life for the sake of our people and a brighter future for our children and are determined to continue this policy in the future.

In the new year, which will start in a few moments, in the socio-political life of our beloved Tajikistan not only begins the implementation cycle of important government programs, but also some very important political and cultural events, including the 25th Anniversary of the State Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan that will open a new page in the history of the state of our nation.

The situation in a rapidly changing world, the modern threats and challenges, environmental problems, including climate change, the systematic repetition of natural disasters and others encourage us to be more united than ever, and not to lose the political vigilance.

We have a high sense of patriotism and self-awareness to protect our paradise on the edge of any threats, further arrange well our country to protect world peace, political stability, strengthening national unity.

At this moment, I declare with full confidence that with the support of the civilized and creative people of Tajikistan, we will further continue to solve the existing problems in our lives and we will provide a dignified and happy life for our people.

I am convinced that the New Year 2016 will leave significant trace on the further strengthening of the foundations of the state independence, nationhood, unity and social stability, as well as in the improvement of our country.

With these good intentions, I would like once again to sincerely congratulate all the noble, hard-working, happy and proud inhabitants of the country and all our compatriots abroad, with the beginning of the New Year 2016 and to wish all of you well-being, prosperity, happy life, and to our beloved Tajikistan peace, calmness, prosperity and progress.

Happy New Year, dear compatriots!


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