President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Speech on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Tajikistan

08.09.2011 14:00, Dushanbe city

Honorable compatriots!
Distinguished audience!

20 years ago, our ancient and civilized Tajik nation made a holy and historic achievement – obtained its state independence and now we today celebrate this festive occasion with the great honor and pride.

It is natural for any celebration that it makes us think over and conclude the past, identify present tasks and look forward.

From this point of view, for our nation that is a builder of civilization, the state independence amid two centuries is a unique and honored historical phenomenon which includes a range of determining events and therefore we have to appreciate and honor this triumph with a broad view on.

In this regard, we should realize that independence is the supreme and the most significant achievement of the Tajik nation that it had over the past ten centuries. It is due to independence that Tajikistan was recognized as full-right member of the global community and got all attributes of modern statehood in the political map of the world.

Independence is a symbol of statehood and patriotism of a noble and civilized Tajik nation that takes responsibility of its destiny on its own hands that means it independently determines its political system and both foreign and domestic policies.

Independence is an illustration of national self-identity and freedom, proud and glory, a sign of prosperity and a condition for long life of a sovereign and state-running of the Tajik nation.

Therefore, I am very honored to sincerely congratulate all the noble people of the country, our nationals living abroad and all the Tajiks in the world who know Tajikistan as their home of dreams on the occasion of the 20th celebration of the state independence – a determining and sacred national day.

Independence has become a page of qualitatetively new development in the history of statehood and life of the Tajik nation and its posed us a very responsible historical task – to establish a civilized state that meets the interests of people and country as well as to create the pillars for modern statehood.

We have gone through a hard historical way over the past twenty years and it seemed not possible to find the golden mean.

All the people of Tajikistan, including the esteemed audience are aware of how difficult it was to get all the achievements which we have today.

From the very first days of independence, individual groups using previous practices and experienced means and through creating domestic conflicts and playing political games that back thousand years ago led to the collapse of the Samanids empire, succeeded to launch conflicts and political confrontation and further triggered an imposed civil war in Tajikistan. Tajikistan was a very young country that time when it was drawn into the vortex of fratricidal war.

As a result, more than hundred thousand of our nationals were forced to leave for neighboring countries. The imposed war caused over 10 billion USD material damage for the country’s national economy.

Tens of thousands of houses and thousands of social facilities were destroyed. Moral damage cannot be evaluated as tens of thousands of mothers lost their children and husbands and more than 50 thousands children have become orphan.

Moreover, some political groups outside the country along with their partners within the country where were working out plans to divide Tajikistan and the nation into several parts thus wanted to eliminate the Tajik statehood.

However, regardless of efforts made by antipatriotic groups, domestic extremists and some interested foreign circles, the constructive power of our society within a short period of time has come together under the flag of glory and national unity and chosen the way that further led to genuine peace, overall stability and national reconciliation.

With the view to reestablishing constitutional order, the 16th session of the Supreme Council was convened in November 1992 in ancient city of Khujand which was focused on peaceful settlement of the political confrontation.

Today, after 20 years we fully recognize how vital was that 16th session of the Supreme Council for the destiny of our nation and what a responsibility was posed on us – those who happened to take ruling given the destructive civil war.

At the first glance, plans worked out regarding national accord and ensuring long-waiting peace at the historical session seemed not possible to be performed.

Because, there was still the war throughout the country, destroyed sites and hundreds thousands of our nationals left their homes. Another problem that used to detonate the situation was almost paralyzed executive bodies of state authorities.

At the same time, yet I had a piece of hope in my heart. And thanks to grace of God, I always believed in ancient wisdom and kind will of my nation and I always relied on constructive groups and peace-seeking spirit of the Tajik nation.

Thereby, at this historical juncture, I once again bow my head down to the ancient Tajik nation.

From the very first days of our work, along with making every effort on coping with political situation and challenges in the country and overcoming civil war, we have started reestablishing paralised executive bodies of state authorities.

At the initiative of and under efforts made by the Government we have initiated talks with the opposition aimed at mutual understanding and establishing lasting peace. During the long process of talks that took us more than 40 months, we succeeded to hold 21 negotiations with the opposition that were aimed at implementing our constructive goals as well as to sign 40 documents that were of vital importance for the nation.

After 5 years of armed confrontation, the General Agreement on the Establishment of Peace and National Accord in Tajikistan was signed that is the most significant achievement made by the Tajik nation during the independence period and now we have this Tajik peaceful experience recognized by the world community as standard model.

Today, holding this floor I am honored to tell the people of Tajikistan: We together have successfully and proudly passed this hard historical exam.

It means despite all barriers and difficulties we succeeded to practically perform all tasks determined at the 16th session of the Supreme Council: we have taken 1 million refugees back to their homes; we signed the peace agreement; we reestablished paralyzed work of state authorities, we honored rule and supremacy of law; we have chosen the way towards constructiveness.

Critical tasks were identified based on decisions adopted at the session – post-conflict rehabilitation, consideration and adoption of an independent state’s symbols, establishing new political, economic, social and cultural relations – and all these tasks were fulfilled step by step.

Over the 20 years we have studied various political, historical, social and cultural factors and phenomena of our nation at different historical stages and taking into account experience of statehood and state-building of developed countries, we have launched a building democratic, constitutional and secular state.

The Constitution has been adopted for the first time over the period as a result of referendum as well as the bicameral professional parliament has been established based on the constitution. Supreme legislative and executive branches of the state power have been also strengthened. Thus the ground has been build for real independence and national statehood.

It was the time when we started building civil society – a society that all modern peoples and nations looking for. Conditions are provided today by the Government for development of civil society and thus ensuring freedom of work for parties, organizations and mass media.

Thanks to independence we have got state symbols – the Flag, the State Emblem and the National Anthem. Fundamentals of the constitutional system, pillars of public administration, measures that regulate socio-economic and cultural life of the country were determined as well as national currency was introduced; the National army and the border-guard troops being a major pillar of an independent statehood were established and protection of state border has been put under control.

Taking into account all difficult path we have passed over the years we always emphasize that peace, stability and national accord are of vital importance for us as holy and critical values and we consider their protection and strengthening as a task of every noble son of Tajikistan.

Dear audience!

It is natural that sustainable development and a state and statehood is not possible when we lack of ground and it is impossible to achieve it within a short historic period, it requires time and favorable socio-economic and cultural conditions.

Therefore, we have declared reforms in all spheres of the country’s life as well as establishing new economic relations as key priorities of our policy.

It means that since the very first days of independence and so far ensuring sustainable economic development and thus improving living standards in the country has been considered as a strategic goal of the state and the Government.

Thus and on this base we have continued conducting fundamental socio-economic reforms and determined ensuring energy independence, food security and breaking communication deadlock as strategic goals of the public policy.

At the same time and with the view to further implementing these goals, the Government is determined to continually manage with ensuring sustainable economic development, improving public administration and progress in the real sectors of economy as well as strengthening export potential, improving investment climate supporting entrepreneurship, conducting social security, improving labor market and promote human resources development.

As a result of an implementation of socio-economic programs we succeeded to provide favorable conditions for further reforms and continued development of national economy as well as unflinching implementation of measures and decisions of the Government aimed at improving living standards of the people.
GDP in terms of current prices increased 58 times compared to 1997 and it is expected to reach 30 billion Somoni that amounts 4000 Somoni per capita with over 7% of annual average growth.

The state budget amounts 1060 Somoni per capita in 2011 compared to 19.8 Somoni in 1997.

It means that the GDP per capita has increased 43 times compared to 1997. The State budget per capita is another key socio-economic development indicator that increased almost 54 times in comparison with indicators in 1998.

It is notable that the state budget is mainly focused on comprehensive support of social development as well as gradual increase of salary which ultimately helps to improve living standards in the country.

Thus, the average salary has increased 89 times compared to 1997 and now it amounts over 440 Somoni and average pension has increased 118 times.
Banking savings of the people has increased nearly 35% annually over the past decade.

Over 360 thousand vehicles have been imported to the country since 2000 that is another illustration of improvement of the income of the people.

Moreover, we have 4 millions of mobile and traditional telephone subscribers compared to 300 thousands of traditional telephone subscribers in 1997.

On the other hand, over 120 thousand hectares have been allocated for 900 thousand families and over 9.6 million square meters of houses went on stream over this time. For instance, 25 thousand hectares of land were allocated for over 200 thousand people and the allocation process is yet under way.

Moreover, as a result of an implementation of the National Development Strategy we succeeded to ensure economic stabilization and significantly reduce poverty rate in the country. This indicator has been decreased by 30% and living standards of over 2 million people has been elevated.

The state budget’s income reached 8.3 billion Somoni this year compared to 109 million in 1997 so that we have 76 times increase over the mentioned period. At the same time, I would like to emphasize that we are not yet satisfied with these indicators.

A number of state investment programs have been developed and adopted by the Government over the period including those focused on energy, transport, communication, education, public health care and agriculture.

We have 56 investment projects at the amount of 8.2 billion Somoni under implementation at the moment.

Over the past decade we have implemented more than 150 investment projects at the amount of 12 billion Somoni as well as 200 projects with direct investments engaged in.

The aforementioned projects were mainly aimed at improving socio-economic situation in the country through construction and reconstruction of social facilities and infrastructure.

Industry is a key pillar of economy and its development illustrates potential and capacity of the country. We have all legal frameworks for its development in the country and by adopting programs, including on processing aluminum, mining, metals and precious stones, light and food industries we pay special attention to comprehensive industrial development.

For the time being, the industrial production compared to value of 1997 increased over 2,5 times, and it marks a remarkable progress of textiles, metal and food industry branches, production of machines as well as chemistry and construction materials sectors.

If in 1991 the number of private and nongovernmental enterprises amounted to 2400, so after the implementation of investment and entrepreneur’s support policy the number of private enterprises and joint ventures in 2011 has reached 18 680, that is to say 8 times more since 1991.

Just within last ten years the number of nongovernmental and joint ventures is increased from 10600 up to 18680.

Over the last ten years more than 90 000 jobs were created in industrial sectors and today over 40 per cent of products are produced by private sector.
Furthermore in order to increase the inland product’s value and first of all the industrial goods and introduction of the modern equipments and technologies, it is necessary to establish new industrial enterprises and reconstruct the available enterprises, so that to strengthen the export potential of our country.

It should be mentioned that our country has tremendous hydropower potential. Our future depends on effective and wise use of hydro-power, since only energy security can give considerable impetus to developing and expansion of all economic spheres of Tajikistan.

Because of reduction of petroleum and natural gas resources all over the world, we today witness the constant rising in prices of oil product. This negatively affects all branches of our life and will cause an increase of food prices.

Such situation forces us to think more about building of small and medium scale HPS’s. recently, there 260 small and medium HPP are built in Tajikistan as well as high voltage power transmission lines are set which as a result will enable our country to secure integrated power grid.

At present, all building and reconstruction works in the biggest and strategic hydro power facility –“Rogun”, “Sangtuda-2” as well as small and medium HPS’s on the Vakhsh, Zaravshan and Varzob rivers, particularly “Norak” are under way.

Another important aspect for the progress of economy is the developing of transport infrastructure. It is known that our country, with mountainous relief and lack of ways many decades was divided into three parts and our people approximately 6 months a year didn’t have possibility of connectivity or road communication with other parts of country.

In order to ensure a permanent communication of our people into different parts of the country we during the independence have built and put into operation roads, tunnels, railways and bridges.

Over 1700 km of motorways, 17 km tunnels and over 100 bridges have been built and reconstructed during this time. We will in future continue the reconstruction and renovation of international highways and internal roads, since roads are main arteries of economic growth of every country as well as the instrument for close people-to-people contacts.

As you are well aware until celebration of 20th state independency we had planned to get rid of communication deadlock.

As far as today we have nearly reconstructed all infrastructures of automobile transport, we have transformed Tajikistan into united territory and ensured the motor roads into all parts of Tajikistan as well as into neighboring countries. And now we can proudly say that one of main strategic goals – a break of communication deadlock is already achieved.

Our compatriots well remember time before independence, as 50% of our Tajik people and all Mountainous Badakhshan Autonomous Region were deprived of access to Programs of Tajik Television. Today owing to independence, four state channels are broadcasted in Tajikistan and their waves cover over 90% of our territory.

I would like to attract your attention to most important challenge which related to demography. As the Republic Tajikistan was established in 1929, the population made approximately up about 1 Million. Today the population of Tajikistan has reached nearly 8 Million. Only within last ten years the population of our country increased (up to) to more than 1.5 Million.

It is natural, that rapid population upsurge causes an emergence of a range of socio-economic challenges. In a condition when 93% of the country consists of mountains, such circumstance urges us to ensure efficient and rational use of every inch of land and regularly strive for achieving our other strategic goal, i.e. provision of food security.

In this regard, I remind, that for this purpose after long discussions and debates we several years ago have allotted 75 thousand hectares of land to the people, since everyone well remember that initiative those difficult days has saved the nation from the vortex of a real threat of famine.

Thereby, the Government of Tajikistan is strongly committed to secure national economy development by means of existing resources and opportunities within next 5 years at average rate of 7% - 8% which would enable sustainable progress of the country and lay down staunch basis for the improvement of the living standard of every citizen.

Dear friends!

As the experience of the modern world shown, a nation which does not give a proper attention to the development of science, particularly technical sciences and state-of-the-art technology, it fails in achieving progress.

Taking it into account, the Government since early days of independence attaches a particular importance to intellectual might of the country, especially to scientists and think tanks and widely applies scientific results, knowledge, skills as well as their proposals and ideas in addressing crucial challenges of political, economic, social and cultural life of the country.

With the view of steadfast advancement of science and modern technology, we have executed the reform of the Academy of sciences of the country, meanwhile have increased the salary of staff of the science sector more than three times.

It should be emphasized, that science, education and culture have transformed into one of the most important bases of social life over the independence and are recognized as the substance of the being of nation. Since these great and invaluable phenomena of humanity serve for moral formation of society and make great contribution to upbringing rising generation, acknowledgement of historic mission, reinforcement of patriotic sense, self-knowledge and national self-identity.

With this in mind, particularly during last ten years, we have made serious reforms in the field of education in the country. In this respect, the Government has adopted special programs aimed at introduction of a new teaching system at comprehensive secondary schools, application of current technologies in the process of training and use of cutting-edge methods of teaching which build a solid and proper ground for bringing to compliance a grade and quality of knowledge of students with modern world standards.

Today, we can confidently say, that we have achieved significant progress in this direction.

Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education of the Republic of Tajikistan in Europe was one of the most important documents signed reflecting deserved achievement in education sector over the independence. This document allows graduates of higher educational institutions of the country to work and improve their knowledge and skills in European countries.

Despite manifold economic challenges, the Tajik Government regularly increases a volume of financing of education sector. For example, if an aggregate volume of public budget financing of education in 2000 was only 41 million somoni, so, in 2011 this amount accounts for one and half billion somoni.

Over this time, more than 1200 modern school buildings for 310 thousand seats have been built and went on stream in the country. A number of higher educational institutions is increased several times, from 13 institutions in 1991 to 30 universities and institutes in 2011.

If number of students at higher education establishments before the independence of the country was 69 thousand, however to date, this indicator reached 160 thousand which it is indeed a striking illustration of annual growth in young people enrollment to education and training.

It is indisputable that an image and glory of every nation is identified by the dimension of its contribution to the development of world civilization and mankind sprituality, science, education, art and enrichment of a treasury of supreme universal values.

From this point of view, the role and fruits of the service of the Tajik nation in global science and culture development by universal recognition are of great importance. It is suffice to mention, that Aryan-people civilization, spiritual heritage of ancestors who built and cherish culture is one of the roots of world civilization. We should take pride in and always make aspirations to be deserved followers and worthy successors of eminent personalities of our nation and always maintain a light of science and education shining.

To that end in view, we have solemnly celebrated the honor of prominent historic personalities, outstanding political figures, celebrities of science, education and culture, including Ismoili Somoni, Abuabdullo Rudaki, Abulqosim Firdausi, Abuali ibn Sino, Imam A’zam, Nosiri Khusrav, Jaloliddin Balkhi, Kamoli Khujandi, Mir Sayed Ali Hamadoni, Sadriddin Ayni, Shirinshoh Shohtemur, Nusratullo Makhsum, Bobojon Gafurov and Mirzo Tursunzoda who in different eras made an invaluable contribution to our civilization and state-building.

Inclusion of five-thousand-years-old historic site Sarazm to the world heritage list of UNESCO is the great achievement and high recognition of an image and glory of our ancestors to the mankind civilization. At present, there eight unique sites are proposed for including to the list of this authoritative organization.

Proclamation of Navruz as the international festival by the United Nations gave a powerful impetus to further development of our culture and elevation of Tajikistan’s authority on the world arena.

It is a matter of our pride, that over the independence, our cultural circle and Tajik art groups have skillfully performed their art at the most famous scenes and arenas of East and West as the flag-bearer of ancient culture of our nation, while presenting Tajikistan to the world have drawn attention of global community to centuries-old civilization, valuable historic art and our rich national traditions.

The Government of the country places a particular emphasis on a protection of health of the population which is the national wealth of any state. That is why, more than 800 health care facilities are built, reconstructed or renovated and equipped with modern medical machines and equipments in various regions of the country over the independence.

With the aim of maintaining proper living standards and effective work of doctors, a volume of financing of health care sector is increased from 956 thousand somoni to 600 million somoni which is 620 times more in comparison to 1992.

Thus, a plenty of works done over the years of independence for the improvement of a quality of medical care, introduction of modern system of health care sector management, human resources development and strengthening material-technical bases of health facilities and their capacity building.

In order to ensure further development of the sector and improvement of a grade and quality of medical services to the people, it is necessary to reinforce reform process and implement drastic measures in this direction, including measures aimed at private medicine promotion.

The history of mankind has proved that nations, peoples and states can only be persistently maintained forever through their national language. It means that the language of any nation is the most crucial term of its sustainability and strength.

At all times, Tajik language played a pivotal role in existence and strength of our glorious and civilized nation.

One can proudly say that after Samanid’s empire our national language was given state language status namely during the independence. Therefore, Tajikistan regards protection of national linguistic values as its major task and objective for present and next generations of society and always respects these sacred values.

Since early days of independence, the Government of Tajikistan has been always undertaking effective measures for the official language development and strengthening of its status at all sectors of public life and state and has created all necessary opportunities for the implementation of this policy.

The history testified that gaining independence is quite difficult and requires enormous efforts, however defense of those victories and achievements of independence is more complex and hard.

The philosophy of life is that the future of society, state governance and nation guidance, protection of triumphs and enrichment of achievements of independence will be handed over to young generation. That is why, battle for the ideology of young people in the most intricate and challenging modern world is becoming more intensive.

Since any kinds of extremist groups and movements can incline inexperienced and uneducated youth to their circles and use them for pursuing selfish political goals. Turmoil and people unrest of early 90th of the last century in our country have proved this argument with their dire consequences.

Thereby, upbringing of young generation in the spirit of unity, national self-acknowledgement and patriotism in current conditions gains more particular importance than ever. It requires from all members of society, especially from intelligentsia to promote and agitate the substance of unity, solidarity, consolidation, patriotism, national pride and self-knowledge to the young generation, as the lag from the true origin, leads to the disappearance and demise of the nation.

One of the most important and impactful means in this direction is the development of sport, popularization of sport and comprehensive promotion of healthy life style.

Distinguished audience!

Tajikistan has joined the world community and civilized democratic society with its identity, values, traditions, particular image and national appearance, at the same time with achievements, triumphs and findings encompassing universal civilization.

Along with this, one can say, that one of the visible achievements of independence was formation of spirit and atmosphere of liberty in society. We under this substance mean ensure of the most supreme human rights – freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, pluralism, free activity of political parties, public organizations and mass media. Since building democratic society would be impossible without these elements.

For Tajikistan becoming a full-fledged member of the world community and authoritative international organizations during independence, establishment of fruitful economic cooperation and diplomatic relations with the majority nations of the world is an evidence of the recognition of our country by the international community.

Owing to way chosen by our nation, today our country is known as a strong advocate of sustainable processes of the world community’s integration, equal and beneficial socio-economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation, supporter of initiatives aimed at strengthening lasting peace and stability at all levels including on national, regional and global arenas.

All these are the fruits of real implementation of strategic dimensions and major principles of the foreign policy of the state – protection of the national interests of the country, growth of reputation and recognition of Tajikistan on the international arena, creation of favorable conditions for the reinforcement of the national independence and sustainable development of the country.

Today a substance of the foreign policy of our country consists of a concept of “open-doors” and firm pragmatic stance in regard to major international and regional issues, as well as expansion and deepening of bilateral and multilateral relationship with foreign countries.

Successful pursuance of such policy enables us to march in step with the global reform process and consistently expand a horizon of fruitful cooperation of our state on the international arena.

To date, Republic of Tajikistan has established diplomatic relations with 124 countries of the world.

Tajikistan for the time being is an active member of the United Nations, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States, Collective Security Treaty Organization, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Organization of the Islamic Cooperation and a great number of multilateral international and regional institutions.

It was namely on Tajikistan’s initiative, that the United Nations General Assembly has declared the year 2003 as the “International Year of Fresh Water”, the years 2005 – 2015 as the International Decade for Action “Water for Life” and 2013 as the “International Year of Water Cooperation”.

Cultural and humanitarian sectors are one of the guidelines of efficient cooperation of Tajikistan with international community. We need to place a particular emphasis on intensification and expansion of range of our relations in these sectors in the future. As far as broad cultural and humanitarian relationship is the key factor of development of friendship, mutual understanding and collaboration among nations.

In current sensitive conditions, where we face with the real threats of clash of civilizations, more close and comprehensive familiarization of the global community with ancient culture and centuries-old civilization of the Tajik nation, as well as application of cultural and scientific achievements of other countries of the world, particularly in the use of intellectual achievements and human mind becomes increasingly important.

Dear compatriots!

One of the great achievements of independence era is a success in national unity. It is national unity which has enabled us to fulfill great works so far.

Actually, the essences of the words independence and unity are synonyms. Independence of the Homeland strengthens and becomes unshakeable only through genuine unity. In its turn, protection and strengthening of independence serves as a ground for the reinforcement of the national unity, friendship and brotherhood of all citizens of our beloved native land.

The Tajik nation thanks to glory and grace of independence and unity has achieved national statehood and establishment of democratic society. At the expiration of more historical time since that fateful date, the greatness of these two sacred concepts of the state and the people of Tajikistan become brighter and visible.

We can confidently say that the independence and national unity are the source of development and the stability of the national statehood, the revival of culture and civilization, the basis of national self-knowledge and thought.

It was noted earlier about the global recognition of the great holiday of our ancestors - Navruz. Indeed, history shows that Navruz festival originated from the essence of Aryan culture and then expanded to the whole world and for thousands of years, extending from the outskirts of the Mediterranean to the Hindu Kush peaks and the Caucasus Mountains to the Persian Gulf, placed into the hearts of many peoples and nations.

Our ancestors believed Navruz as a day of hopes. It is no accidental. Since hope as the overriding essence of traditions of our ancestors reflects good intentions of our national aspirations and expectations.

This essence is very charmingly set forth in our National Anthem. That is, independence for us is the likeness of political Navruz, because it is filled with hopes and aspirations of a bright and happy future and prosperity of the country, of the future welfare of our sunny land – our beloved and independent Tajikistan.

We can today note with the conviction that the 20th anniversary of the state independence as a solemn and joyful national day will give a fresh and powerful impetus in strengthening self-acknowledgement, national unity, sense of patriotism and national pride of every glorious and dedicated citizen of independent Tajikistan.

Today with the sense of great pleasure we can proudly say, that we as a state have built our national state and independent nation.

And most importantly, over the years of independence a new generation, a generation free of ideological stereotypes and ideological constraints, generation with the new thinking and wide world outlook has been grown up in the spirit of patriotism and came into the life scene whom we in the future can confidently pass the flag of our independent state.

I am confident, that our proud and glorious people through their strong will and hard work will facilitate prosperity of our own country, will make great aspirations to improve its reputation in the international arena, will make a significant contribution to building just, democratic and secular society and thus will proudly continue the historical destiny of our people, which is originated from the independence and eternal national unity.

Let the inviolable will and creative power of our people guide us to constructive deeds and new victories and achievements.

May bright and shining flag of independence kindle a flame of love to Homeland in the hearts of every Tajikistan citizen and live in the space of freedom of our country for centuries.

May always your triumph shine, your independence be lasting and your life be eternal, beloved Tajikistan!

Happy 20th anniversary of independence, dear compatriots!

I wish you good health, glory, happiness and prosperity!

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