President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Address on the occasion of Independence Day of Tajikistan

08.09.2005 12:00, Dushanbe city

Dear compatriots!
Distinguished audience!

At the end of the 20th century the Tajik Nation gained complete independence and today we are celebrating the 14th anniversary of this great historical achievement, the most sacred national holiday. In this regard, I congratulate the Tajik people and you – dear audience, and wish peace and stability, happiness and prosperity to your families.

Independence is the most important, invaluable and historical achievement of our Nation which has been the dream of the sons of the Nation during centuries, and it is the outcome of struggles of hundreds of thousands of our heroes who have been striving for existence of the Tajik state.

It is necessary to mention that more than one thousand years our people have been making continuously great efforts for renaissance of our State and its independence. Today we have all possibilities to make the dream of the Tajik people to come true and to strengthen the state independence of Tajikistan.

Considering state and national independence we have to remember that the main goal of striving of humanity for freedom is closely related with establishment of national state and independent governing of state affairs. Because safeguarding independence and foundation of independent national state is the main condition for existence of each nation.

Throughout history independence as a foundation pillar of humanity’s freedom and the basis of life has been the core for existence and solidarity of our Nation.

The idea of independence has been leading patriotic and intelligent sons of the Nation to preach and safeguard national solidarity, provide unbreakable ties between generations and guide them to defend Independence during the hardest periods of life.

Thanks to endeavor and striving for independence, freedom, scientific and cultural development, great personalities of our Nation in the tenth century, i.e. one thousand and hundred years ago, could establish a centralized national state with all necessary governmental structures which has been known as the Samanids State in the history of world civilization.

And finally, this endeavor and striving and the idea of Independence even after the collapse of the Samanids State and during atrocity and cruelty of alien dynasties gave power to our Nation to survive through difficult periods of the history, to pass difficult and hard tests during centuries with vigor and to keep the mother tongue, science and culture, good historical and cultural traditions and, most importantly, solidarity and national self-awareness until today.

Tajiks during long period of history had a leading role in governing using their expertise, knowledge and intellect, and made great contributions to the world civilization and at the same time defend their existence with their well-known culture and melodious language.

We are proud today that Tajiks belong to the ancient nations of the world and with their invaluable material and moral heritage made great contribution to cultural and intellectual development of other nations.

To put it another way, only these national values and traditions gave Tajiks power to defend their existence and play a creative role in Asian civilization, as well as to find place among ancient nations of the world and introduce themselves as civilized nation.

To our mind, without connection of the modern culture of Tajiks with their ancient history it is difficult to appreciate the value of independence and national pride and to achieve complete national solidarity and self-awareness.

Moreover, without deep understanding of national roots it is more difficult to foster independence, strengthen the state and create a civilized society.

Therefore, taking into account our deep historical roots, we have announced the year of 2006 as the Year of Aryan Culture.

Actually, historical and cultural phenomenon of our Nation takes its source from the humane idea of the Aryan civilization beginning from creation of Avesta and from the time of our great ancestors – the Kayanids Age, to the world-known civilization – the Samanids state.

We are proud to be one of the genuine successors of the Aryan culture which gave the humanity the holy book of “Avesta” and the first humane civilization.

The positive influence of this civilization from India to Greece for development of world outlook, literature, science and culture of life and economy is very vivid and valuable and this truth has been already acknowledged by scientists and historians.

Our Aryan ancestors has been advocating a pure and just way of life which imprint still exists in the hearts of our people, and continuos attacks of alien troops to our ancestral land could not remove this high culture from our people’s mind.

Our ancestral culture with a valuable and world-wide slogan “Good thoughts, good words and good deeds” expresses best and vividly the dream of humanity in a philosophical way and this invaluable thought serves not only for development of thoughts and deeds of a single nation but for the entire humanity.

Actually, when we go through the pages of global cultural history from the ancient times until present we would notice humane ideas of the Aryan cultural personalities in different languages and texts as shiny jewels and immortal values.

It is worth mentioning that announcement of the Year of Aryan Culture became a ground for some unreasonable voices saying that this initiative has nationalistic and racist origin. This kind of opinions is a demonstration of historical ignorance and unawareness.

Availing myself of this opportunity, I would like to note that this initiative is not related with any political self-interest but with appreciation of ancient culture of our nation. In fact, we have no moral right not to notice, not to appreciate or to ignore the Aryan history and culture to which the Tajik nation belongs.

In addition to this, realizing historical and moral obligations we condemn attempts of abusing the cultural heritage for the purpose of spreading racist ideas and all we want is to introduce the world community with the rich and ancient culture of Tajiks.

It is true that all kind of valuable cultural heritages would not belong to a single people or nation but in the course of history they become available for other nations of the world and assist the development of thoughts, ideas and values of all humanity.

At the same time, I would like to note that we – the creators of the young independent, democratic and secular state, are not limited only with the Arian culture of our ancestors; we do not intend to restore lost traditions, beliefs and religion, because more than ninety eight percent of the population of Tajikistan are Muslims and we value our Islamic traditions, way of life and culture.

We condemn attempts of causing conflicts between cultures; we support useful dialogue between civilizations in order to create the atmosphere of tolerance, integration and interaction between different cultures.

Undoubtedly, good awareness of the history of ancient cultures would not only adapt national pride to modern reality but it would also contribute to strengthening of relations between different civilizations and nations, as well as in fostering of peace and mutual understanding in this complicated conditions of the modern world.

Many nations in the world have been learning lessons of literature, architecture, education, culture, humanism and politics from the holy book of “Avesta”, heritages of Cyrus the Great, manuscripts of Darius the Great, historical sites of Sarazm, Hulbuk, Shahristan and Takhte Sangin, governing traditions of Sasanids and Samanids states, spiritual music of Barbad, famous poetry of Rudaki and Firdousi, scientific heritage of Zakariyeh Razi, Avicena and Aburaihan Beruni.

In this regard, the famous Iranian scholar Said Nafisi writes that we, Aryan people, under the shadows of revolts of Abumuslim, Muqannaa and others, under the shadows of creation of Samanids state and under the shadows of poets of Mavara-un-nahr acquired language and came into existence as a nation.

Therefore, we have to teach our modern and future generations of this great heritage, to awake in their hearts feelings of pride of national state and value of national independent state, patriotism and recognizing the value of importance of our ancient sages.

We should take flame but not ash from our ancient time. The history is instructive and no any nation or people can know the worth of independence and its own state without knowing the value of its past.

Since the human society is always changing and developing. Especially a time, in which we are living, it is an era of fast development of science and technology; it is a period of inventions, discoveries and implementation of new achievements of human in all spheres of life.

In thus regards, we know only prize our past history and study it, but also to make efforts to enjoy highest values of modern develop nations and to be in the same pace with age of changes and developments.

Love to the Motherland and proud ancient history shall not to separate us from improvement and achievements of modern world, widening of civilization’s vision and daily development of civilized studies in the world.

On the contrary, as deep do we love our Motherland as much we must to make efforts to learn and implement universal since and cultural values, modern technical technological achievements and newest discoveries.

That is prizing of past history for us never does mean to stress our exclusive right in human civilization or try to be recognized separately from the world creative tendencies and culture of the developed nations in the world.

By studying and researching the history of nation and propagating our people’s ancient cultural tradition we want to accelerate the process of learning of universal values, to develop integration process with other developed countries in the world community with our specific national features.

Moreover, learning of the history and experiences, gained by our nation during centuries are of vital importance for us to build a prosperous, developed and peaceable state; also to strength bases of national state; to protect independence achievements, first of all national consolidation, political peace and stability; and to heighten governing, patriotic feelings and self awareness in the hearts of people.

Due to independence we level up the principles of strengthening of national consolidation, providing peace and propagandize self and national awareness to national political bases and will continue this course.

The people of Tajikistan remember it well what a tough and terrible challenges of fate we were faced to at the beginning of 90’s of the last century, when had not had one-year-old independence yet.

We could pass through all those uneasy and tragic days due to our people’s eternal wisdom, obedience, patience and patriotic sense.

Development of national spiritual values, stability and prosperity of our country has increased during past ten years of independence. Now our people has its own national values in its mind .

Due to state independency it became possible for us to get familiar closer and better with our ancient history; to find our past civilization roots and use them for strengthening of patriotism, self awareness, national proud of people and reinforce bases of our independent state.

State Independency, Ancient Navrooz, National Consolidation Day holidays became nation-wide holidays. Having Flag, National Arms, Anthem, Military, Boarder Forces, National currency and becoming a full member of UN, OSCE, OIC and other dozens of influential international monetary organizations are achievements and sacred values of independence period for Tajikistan; signs of national state triumph and enjoining our dear country to modern world.

It is worth to note that in a conditions of globalization tendencies peoples and nations must be able to preserve their national features such as culture and behavioral values.

This is a requirement of life and duty for any waken nation with culture. In the history of human civilization there are a lot of several national and tribes that were assimilated by bigger and stronger nations, lost their language and cultural existence and disappeared at the end, because of not being able to preserve/protect their origin.

In order to be protected from this danger, to develop robust national common sense, to protect own national values from different world threads, to strengthen national consolidation, to provide country’s security and stability, to raise people’s awareness, especially young people are political and cultural permanent and awkward task for all us.

This task can be fulfilled only when we will prize independent state and will protect national and state independency – the greatest wealth, like pupil of eye.

Dear friends!

Each time when we talk about national values, we should always remember our mother tongue — Tajik language — the greatest asset of our nation.

Live Tajik-Farsi-Dari language is a continuation of the language which “Avesto” was written in, is very language in which “Khudoynoma” and “Tarikhi mulki Ajam” –non-Arabic World History were written; is very language that by developing and changing in Islam Age “Shahname” and “Masnavii Ma’navi” were written in; is very language that some how survived cultural crisis during Soviet society till cultural and political independency and even was able to write continuation of its owner by Ayni, Tursunzade and greatest scientist Gafurov.

Language and historical consciousness have inseparable connection.

Our thousands years old creators of literature and scientific heritage were men with strong common sense, deep knowledge, wide vision and most important, they had endless love and respect to mother tongue. They knew it well that language is the best asset ad priceless possession of nation.

Steadfastness and development of language is a sign of existence of a nation. If a nation is creator of material and spiritual culture, its language will stay live and important.

The life of a nation depends on its language. In the order not to allow name of a nation to disappeared from human history, the light of self-consciousness - the language must be protected and transformed as the highest heritage to fallowing generation.

We area national state, developing by building a democratic and secular society.

For this reason, ginning special attention to national language we never mean limiting right of other languages. National language for us is a working language, a factor of mutual understanding and unity, a language of cohesion.

To know, to learn and to pay respect are duties for all Tajikistan citizens.

It is naturally that significance of a national language and national culture rebirth as an important factor of cultural development of a society can get important only on the bases of improving of national thought.

National thought is the essence of national existence is a condition for its ever existing and will constructed on the bases of understanding and finding of national interests. Following, National thought is the most important pillar of mode of life and protection of spiritual values of a nation.

Historically it begins and improves in the process of development of nation and appears in culture and spirituality.

National Idea is a spiritual origin; it defines the intellectual and moral values and is essence of national culture. Namely with it Tajik people does its efforts during long history to find its own place in human civilization.

A political and cultural direction that Tajik nation has taken today is logical continuation of development of that National Idea which has a history of more that 5 thousands years.

Our peace-building experience proved it that the principles of humanism, culture and patriotism are the most important factors of Tajik’s National Idea. As a result of orientation of this National Idea and eternal wisdom fratricidal war and national termination was stopped on time. This experience compels us to not only protect own national idea, but also to improve it.

In order to strengthen independence of Tajikistan, to find its place in the world community and to place it among the developed countries we should clearly recognize our past and with new power and strong will meet today’s difficulties. Because state and society are always developing and in every historic stage facing with negative threats and challenges.

Taking into account those factors we should pay a particular attention to the three problems: first - ensuring security of nation and state; second - political stability and the third – stable economic and social development.

Today ensuring security of nation and state has primary and great importance. Because during the past years a number of dangerous tendencies such as the threats of terrorism, extremism, narcotrafficking and transnational organized crime have been strengthening. They could have negative influence on stability in the region as well as in separate countries.

The existing threats are menacing directly to the basis of state governing and independence. Therefore we should always take into account prevention of those negative activities and take necessary steps for ensuring security of state.

In today’s world policy bias interpretation of terrorism arouses (brings about) an attempt to refer it to holy religion of Islam and the Muslims. As a result of this the Muslims in some countries are under pressure.

The political circles in the countries of the world do not take into consideration that moral pillars of Islam are peace and security, and this genuine tradition condemns all kinds of terrorist acts. Moreover, it is impossible to eliminate terrorism by condemnation of Islam religion and pressing the Muslims. We have many times underlined (stated) from the tribune of the United Nations and other influential international organizations that there are no connections between terrorism and religion as well as nation.

At the same time it is impossible to solve and eliminate terrorism by military means. On the contrary, taking into account emerging and strengthening factors of terrorism the developed countries should render assistance to the developing and least developed countries in reduction of poverty and enhance the dialog of civilizations.

Terrorism, extremism and drugstrafficking threatening not only security and stability of a separate state, but all the world community, are closely related to political and religious radicalism as well as to international organized crime. Thus we promote stability of humanity by ensuring security of our state and protecting of achievements of our independence.

Considering those threats, we appreciate national unity as a valuable achievement, which provided safety of Tajik nation from disintegration.

Moreover, we consider unity and conciliation of the society as a main factor of all achievements of our nation and state, therefore, we appreciate and protect it as an important factor.

The most important direction of activities of society in the process of building of democratic and lawful state is awareness of people of the political processes and strengthening culture of law. Indeed, not understanding the path of reforms in the life of society, different political forces and unfamiliarity with the laws are the main factors of law offences in the society that in their turn could threaten security of state and nation.

Actually democratic and lawful state relies on the citizens, which are politically and legally educated, able to protect justice and ready to abide laws and processes within society.

The independent state of the Tajiks recognizes real norms of democracy as development factor of society and in future will also promote development of the civil society.

Practical study of the Constitution, laws, normative and legislative documents of the state could help directly to political and legally education of a citizen, who will be able to protect his rights and freedoms.

In this regard, it is necessary for law enforcement authorities and relevant state bodies to recognize advocating the current state policy, basis of country’s legislation, and international normative and legislative documents as a main direction of their activities together with securing abiding of law, prevention of law offences and rule of law as well as to take necessary steps for their realization.

Dear audience!

The aim of establishment of civil society is ensuring more freedom for activities of the citizens, political parties and civil organizations in order to adopt them to civilized life. Political stability in our country is secured through cooperation between the Government and different civil and political organizations. This cooperation promotes conciliation and mutual understanding within society.

Moreover, cooperation between the governmental institutions and nongovernmental organizations is strengthening further. This direction of positive bilateral activities plays important role for unity, mutual understanding, acceleration of creation process of civil society and improvement of life standards of people by development of small and medium enterprises.

Tajikistan in its policy relies on strengthening principles of democracy and considers strengthening of peace and stability of political situation as important factor of building a democratic state.

Indeed, process of democratization is not a temporary trend and it is impossible to build and spread a democracy in a very short time.

At the same time in transition of society from one stage to another it is impossible to avoid many difficulties and shortcomings. Tajikistan is now at the starting stage of democratic development. Therefore it is impossible artificially encourage society to full realization of democratic mechanisms.
The society of Tajikistan should realistically recognize today’s opportunities and develop itself on the ground of national unity, conciliation, stability, peace and step by step ensuring of security. Because every nation develops according to its own specific way based on its culture and tradition.

Dear compatriots!

Today, when independence of Tajikistan is strengthening year after year, we have a strong will to secure our energy and food independence, development of national industry, to bring out our country from communicational isolation, to build connections with international roads and harbours by construction of a huge hydropower and communication facilities as well as by strengthening of reforms in all spheres.

For us the most important tasks are continuation and enhancement of reforms in education, healthcare and improvement of the state governing system, training professional and knowledgeable personnel with wide outlook, which could assist striving of Tajikistan to reach the level of the developed countries.
Solution of social problems, first of all, assistance and care for veterans of war and labor, orphans and homeless, invalids and poor families will remain as the main directions of state social policy of Tajikistan in future.

Today we could say with satisfaction that during the period of independence establishment of new economic relations and realization of creative reforms in economy has encouraged economic and social development of the country. As a result of effective steps made since 1997 we have not only halted economic decline, but also provided strong basis for steady and long-term development, as well as for step by step increase of the economic indexes.

Improvement in all social and economic spheres has emerged owing to peace, stability, unity and mutual understanding.

Stable development of the economy and increase of incomes of population depends on strengthening business activities, particular small and medium entrepreneurship. The Government of the country with purpose of assisting small and medium entrepreneurship is practically realizing mechanism, which offers small credits in high mountainous regions. This step directly will activate entrepreneurship and population in economic spheres and facilitate to solution of employment problems and reduction of the level of poverty.

Systematic development of country’s economy gave us opportunity to reach a visible achievement in reduction of the level of poverty.

Within four years, about one fifth of the population of our country, that is more than 1.2 million people were brought out of the poverty.

As I noted in my address to Majlisi Oli this year, in the result of the implementation of investment programmes that attract in to the economy of our country, especially in the field of energy, industry and agriculture will assist us to achieve the improvement of living standard of the people in near future.

For the effective realization of the programme of strategy of poverty reduction a social policy will be further more active and more attention will be paid to the development of science and education, health care, culture, social protection and employment as well.

In this regard, financing of social sectors by the state budget has been increased. There are 46 percent of total budget was directed to the social sectors last year. Since beginning of the year the salary of the officers of budget sectors, pension and scholarship has increased in average to 80 percent. Minimum salary and pension now has increased to 70 percent in comparison to last year.

In addition to this, in accordance to the programme of the state financing for the period of 2005 – 2007 and implementation of the foreign investment projects a social situation in the country has been improving.

Today total reserve of active foreign investment that assimilate in Tajikistan is about 1 billion and 400 million somoni.

The attraction of investment to the social sectors has greatly increased. Within last two years there are 50 million somoni were drawn to health care sector. There are 109 new health care and medical establishments have started to function in our country in 2004.

Education sector significantly has changed as one of the priority field. The schools have been more active, quality of teaching has greatly improved nowadays in comparison with the period of 90th and beginning of 2000.

All the progresses and successes that we achieved in the direction of improvement of social condition of population can not make us to be satisfied, because actually the living standard of our people doesn’t fully meet the requirements of our days. Now, taking it into account, the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan continuing to work out the National Development Strategy, that it will include solution of existing economic and social problems of country.

At the present time, our main task is to speedfast the sustainable development of country’s economy. We have put a trustful base in this way and are hopeful that the social condition of population of country will be more better in near future.

Dear compatriots!

Now Tajikistan is in the beginning stage of sustainable development and this allow us to draw up and realize our creative plans for the long-term future period of 10 – 15 years.

All the plans that we realize today are for the sake of future prosperity and progress of our motherland and well being of our future generation as well.
Taking under consideration the measures taken by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan will be put a constructive base for the further progress of tajiks statehood, that it basically consists by democracy and national unity.

Source and constructive fundaments of national unity and strengthening of statehood in Tajikistan are consist of people integrity, lasting peace and stability, increase of the sense of patriotism and humanity, self knowledge and national pride, intensification of the position of the state as a supporter and guarantor of protection of peoples’ interests, sterngthening of economic potential of country and its international importance.

In order to make abovementioned constructive basis more strong and sustain, the willing of people and national ideas have to be coincided with the planned aims, as well as intellectual potential of society be used for the sake of the country.

Our vital task is to make our state independence strong, to educate young generation in the spirit of patriotism and national pride, devotion to historic and cultural customs and traditions of the nation and respect of human values as well. They have to become well-educated, highlycivilized and creative figures in order to increase the imidge of ancient people and independent state of Tajikistan.

All these constructive measures and planned ideas will be realized for the sake of independence and strengthening of the bases of invaluable source and high achievement of peoples’ wellbeing – national statehood.

Progressive and bright period of independent Tajikistan and peaceful life of tajik people has been came, and awaiting more better days and happiness in the future.

More important, that we’ve created a sustainable base, constructive willing, national unity and peaceful condition for more better life and well-being of the people.

We will celebrate the 15th Anniversary of independence next year together with the celebration of the anniversary of Arian civilization, 2700th anniversary of Kulyab and the Congress of tajiks and persian of the world. The celebration of all these national events is thanks to values of state independence of our Tajikistan.

For the preparation to celebrate these historical events, everyone of the tajik people have to do their bit in constructive and creative measures of their land.

Naturally Tajiks are cultured and humane, constructive, hardworking and creative nation and have the power to achieve a peaceful life, prosperity, happiness and bright future.

Strive and efforts, strong will and behaviour, trust and belief to future of our country and well being of children stimulate them in this way.

Today the fate of the country and future of the nation depends on us and you. History trusted and granted us a definition of ways and creation fate once again.

I’m confident, that within these past fourteen years all the people of the nation will well accept their high and vital tasks to protect the achievements of the independence, to promote a national and state security, to strengthen a peace and political stability, to reach successive development of economy and strategical constructive aims, to achieve a progress of our motherland and establishment of civil society.

In conclusion, once again I would like to congratulate you dear compatriots on the occasion of the celebration of great and holy national event – state independence of Tajikistan and wish you all good health, happiness, success and all the best.

Let the flag of independence to shine a light over the ancient Tajik nation forever!

Let a holy spirit of our ancestors and ancient history of our nation to protect our fourteen years old independence!

Let our peace to be alive forever and become a source of pride and honour of future generation!

Glory to humane, hardworking, well-cultured and patriot tajik people, who will value and protect independence as an apple of the eyes.

Congratulations, dear compatriots!

Thank you!

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