President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Speech at the International Navruz Celebration

25.03.2012 12:00, Dushanbe city

Excellency Asif Ali Zardari - the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan!

Honorable head of delegations,
Dear Compatriots!
Ladies and Gentlemen!

At this joyful time, I would like to extend my heartfelt felicitation to you all on the occasion of Navruz – the celebration of a nature and spring and the beginning of prosperity that arrived in to fascinating land and amazing Tajikistan. I, on this festive commemoration wish all the glorious people of Tajikistan, our fellow-citizens living abroad and all the people around the world lasting peace and stability, happiness and a plenty of successes.

We are among those lucky nations who inherited ancient tradition with deep knowledge, sense and philosophic and moral substance of life-building spirit.
Navruz has been sent by the God for all kind-hearted peoples.

One of the core reasons for what Navruz has become popular, is as according to Omar Khayyam it was meant to commemorate the “Majesty of Sun” and wise thinker (he) believed that “people around the globe look at the Sun and worship it”.

Therefore, Navruz like the Sun does shines for all peoples and belongs to all humanity, the sons of Adam.

Nowadays, Tajiks and all those who belong to Navruz civilization realm take pride in that ancient and beautiful holiday of nature is declared by the UN as international celebration. This outstanding achievement is an outcome of joint efforts and consistent aspirations undertaken over the many years by Tajikistan and a big number of friendly and brotherly countries.

It was consultations and mutual support of the countries, thanks to which we have made a progress and we now have to take extensive and untiring efforts to further rehabilitate and reinvigorate the beautiful celebration of our predecessors and introduce its traditions in the best way to the international community.

The United Nations Resolution on the “International Day of Navruz” states, that the UN member-states are to increase the level of their awareness on Navruz and conduct events every year aimed at dissemination and promotion of knowledge about the history and traditions of Navruz.

Consequently, for the time being, the geography of Navruz celebration starts from the Western China and expanded up to Central Asia, Indian Peninsula, the Caucasus, Russia, and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Arab countries and Northern Africa. In other words it means Navruz has become an integral part of the universal civilization.

And now, when Navruz is recognized as the international celebration, we do have quite favorable opportunities to unite our efforts and through holding annual celebrations of Navruz to revive its supreme traditions a part of which due to historic evolutions has been forgotten. We have also are obliged with the reciprocal assistance provided by the cultural and scientific groups to demonstrate that Navruz is indeed among most valuable occasions of the human beings.

We, at the same time should make good use of traditions of Navruz to improve the quality of life and strengthen ties among our nations.

Thus, every year, when we commemorate Navruz in one of the countries, we are also encouraged to conduct exhibitions of important scientific, cultural and agricultural achievements.

By doing this, we can get more familiar with each other. Moreover, one of the aims of Navruz is making people closer and intensification of friendly relations, cooperation and integration among different nations.

Since, in terms of present conditions, we all are handling with sensitive and complicated process of globalization and the humanity more than ever needs high cultural values, moral life-building traditions, kind deeds, friendship, cooperation, peace and stability.

In these circumstances, Navruz for all the countries of the region and the world is an illustration of genuine peace and lasting stability, kind thoughts, words and behavior, friendship and collaboration among nations and furthermore, it leads us all toward peaceful life, the life of free of violence and happiness.

I feel confidence that the visits of dignitaries and high-level delegations from friendly and brotherly countries to Tajikistan and their participation in our grand and festive celebration will facilitate intensification of good- neighborly relations, integration and cooperation among the countries of the region and beyond.

In conclusion, with these good wishes and words of congratulations on the occasion of the International Navruz Day I would once again wish you – dear compatriots, all fellow-citizens abroad, honorable guests, members of the Diplomatic Corps and international organizations good health, prosperity and every success.

Happy Navruz!

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