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Forum “New energy investment opportunities of Tajikistan – the way forward” in Brussels

11.04.2013 16:19, Belgium

The Forum “New energy investment opportunities of Tajikistan – the way forward”, which was conducted under the chairmanship of the member of the European Parliament Struan Stevenson, was attended by the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, heads of relevant ministries and departments of Tajikistan, Energy Charter Secretary General Urban Rusnak, Senior Vice President of Total company Michael Borrel, President of Tetis Petroleum Company David Robson, and leaders and high-ranking representatives of many authoritative European companies.

At the beginning, the President of the country Emomali Rahmon briefed the participants on the abundant opportunities for investment in the economy of Tajikistan and favorable political and legal climate created for businessmen and investors.

Such opportunities were presented in detail by the Chairman of the State Committee on Investments and State Property Management Davlatali Saidov and Minister of Energy and Industry Gul Sherali.

Detailed information was offered on abundant opportunities of investment in different sectors of Tajik economy, like energy, including areas of hydropower, oil and gas, industry, extraction and processing of minerals, production, processing and export of agricultural products, aluminum and others.

From among the foreign partners of Tajikistan in energy sphere, first of all Energy Charter Secretary General Urban Rusnak spoke at the forum and named the prospects of development of this sphere in Tajikistan as quite promising.

Tetis Petroleum company President David Robson stated that “Tajikistan can become one of the great countries in the region with its abundant oil and gas resources, first of all in Amudarya basin”. As he noted, there are 27,5 billion barrels of oil, 3,22 trillion cubic meters of gas and 8,5 billion barrels of oil condensate only in Amudarya River basin.

The Senior Vice President of Total Company Michael Borrel named the engagement of his company in the economy of Tajikistan as a good opportunity for development of the country. As he mentioned, his company has more than 700 representations in 130 countries of the world and its annual revenue is equal to 200 billion USD. Only in 2013 this company intends to invest in different countries of the world 28 billion US Dollars. According to Michael Borrel, joint engagement of companies – Total, Tetis Petroleum and CNPC of China will lead to a great leap in the enhancement of oil and gas sector in Tajikistan.

Much attention was paid to possibilities of participation in the implementation of promising projects of Tajikistan in the hydropower sphere. As it turned out, fruitful use of water and energy resources of Tajikistan will cause an unprecedented socio-economic development of the whole region, as electricity shortage is felt in many countries of this wide region.

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