President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Speech at the Joint Session of Majlisi Milli and Majlisi Namoyandagon of Majlisi Oli on the occasion of the Inauguration Ceremony of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan

16.11.2013 13:08, Dushanbe city

Dear compatriots!
Distingusihed members of Majlisi Milli and deputies of Majlisi Namoyandagon!
Ladies and gentlemen!

Election of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan which has taken place on November 6, 2013 has once again affirmed that national unity, an atmosphere of mutual understanding, fidelity and commitment to centuries-old dreams and expectations of the Tajik nation, genuine peace and endurable stability and the supreme political culture of the people of modern Tajikistan have indeed transformed into enormous potential and became a determining power of the present and the future of the country.

On that day, our glorious, wise and far-sighted nation following a behest of own heart and benign wishes and bright expectations has casted its vote for the sake of Tajikistan’s progress, to the cause of own happiest life and in the name of prosperity of our beloved homeland.

I with the great delight extend my sincere appreciation and profound gratitude to whole proud people of Tajikistan and express my boundless filial love and devotion to my great nation and noble fellow-citizens those work and live abroad, as they entrust me with their own destiny and future of the country in the next seven years.

I deeply acknowledge a responsibility I assume before the Homeland and the interests of state and nation, for the present and the future of the country, to protect country’s independence and integrity, to promote safety and the well-being of my beloved and enlightened nation and to meet expectations of the entire people of Tajikistan, and declare I do dedicate my strength and potential, knowledge, skills and experience and moreover, I do stand ready to devote my life to this end.

I did not and will not even for a moment forget the conditions in which I have for the first time been elected as a head of state.

In the days when Tajikistan had just newly gained its independence, on account of obvious reasons faced most arduous and terrible trial of history.

That time Tajikistan and the whole Tajik nation was facing the most challenging and determining question of life and death.

Country was ablaze in flames of imposed civil war and has been drawn into a whirlpool of severe political, economic and social crises.

From 1991 to 1997, that is until General Agreement on the Establishment of Peace and National Reconciliation was signed, all endeavors and efforts of the head of state have been concentrated on, above all, to rescue its nation from starvation, to curb poverty and destitution and salvage the country from the risk of tearing apart and to end debilitating and an unrelenting civil confrontation.

In addition to that, we have been entrusted with preventing the Tajik nation from the risk of division and pulling Tajikistan out of vortex of extinction and of the danger of being split.

We have been facing the most challenging tasks – to rehabilitate the activity of dysfunctional bodies of the government, to bring over a million of refugees and forced and desperate migrants back to home, to restore demolished houses and ruined buildings, and to protect and take care of thousands of orphan children and uncared women and mothers those lost their loved ones.

Thank God, relying on staunch and an unbreakable spirit of our glorious people, we managed to breathe new life into our beloved Tajikistan and unlocked the gates for the progress, prosperity and the flourishing future.

Tajikistan within short span of time like a fire-bird has risen from the roasting ashes of a civil war and been recognized as an integral part and a full-fledged member of the international community.

We have mobilized our resources and have devoted stupendous efforts to three major directions –fostering energy independence, pulling the country out of a communication deadlock and promotion of food security which are set forth as national strategic goals. Achievements we have made in these directions so far are undeniable and tangible.

All across the country, from the capital city – Dushanbe to remote villages of Sughd and Khatlon regions, to Vakhsh and Zerafshan valleys, to Rasht and Hissar and to the sky-scraper mountains of Badakhshan people in their daily life clearly observe socio-economic development and cherish independence, peace and stability and the national unity as they help promote country’s progress.

Examples I’d like to mention about the vivid achievements the country has made over the course of the last seven years are only brief evidence of those great positive socio-economic changes happened over this period of time. 

Quantum of Gross Domestic Products from 9,3 billion somoni of 2006 has grown up to 42,1 billion somoni in 2013.

Average annual growth rate of the GDP accounted for more than 7%, a scale of cash income of the people has been increased by 4,2 times, amount of deposits grown by 4,5 and the real average rate of wage raised by 5,5 times which clearly indicate sustainable economic development of the country.

We have made this noticeable breakthrough in the challenging time despite world suffered harsh financial and economic crisis and our national economy has survived its knock-on negative effect and as it is observed its implications are still going on.

In the aftermath of construction of new schools we have created 250 thousand seats for school-children, and have built, and renewed and commissioned hundreds of medical institutions throughout the country.

Financing of education and health care sectors from the public budget has in aggregate increased by 7,2 times.

The achievements I have pointed out, is a fruit of tailored and coordinated actions of the Government of the country, of other branches of power, of all public departments and authorities and of course it is a result of untiring and dedicated efforts of the noble Tajik people whom I am grateful to, so much indeed.

Meanwhile, these successes are not yet able to satisfy us, since there is a raft of challenges and criticial issues to be resolved, and we stand ready to exert massive efforts and mobilize all the resources we do possess to eliminate hardships and troubles the people are facing and to address urgent problems in the country

Dear compatriots!

Distinguished attendees!

I declare with full confidence that the coming seven years will lay a solid foundation for decades to come, and promote Tajikistan’s prosperity and strengthen the pillars of national sovereignty.

In this regard, it is quite important to give a national economy a powerful jump-start based on the best achievements of modern world and create a friendly environment in which every citizen can build a life of dignity.

To achieve this goal, we adopt best practices and experience of developed countries, as well as many thousand-years-old culture and civilization of the nation and we will extensively use the intellectual capability and the creative power of every citizen of Tajikistan.

All the measures taken to date to carry out economic reforms had first and foremost been focused on social sectors.

A great number of new jobs are created all across the country year by year, whilst an utmost attention is given to building, renovation and reconstruction of facilities in the education and health care sectors, as we have been working tirelessly to tackle issues of providing an extensive access to safe drinking water and electricity to the population of the country.

With the view to achieving this goal, we will continue to implement the National Development Strategy and promote Living Standards Improvement Strategy of Tajikistan for the period 2013-2015.

Likewise, we set to develop National Development Strategy for the period up to 2030 and facilitate an integration of sectoral and regional programs.

The poverty rate which was equal to 83 per cent in 1998, will be reduced to 30 by 2015, and to 20 percent by 2020.

The growth of the national economy will reach more than 80 percent by 2020 which would ensure the sustainable development of the country.

We expect to increase the country's GDP per capita by one and half and two times by 2020.

The share of revenues and current expenses of the state budget in the context of the GDP will be increased to 25 percent, and social spending from 12 percent to 16 percent of Gross Domestic Product.

In order to successfully implement long-term sustainable management of the public finances, we will provide a new mechanism for the accumulation of financial resources to foster economic growth and prevent future negative impact of probable schocks and slowdown on the economy.

In this context, strategic public programs constitute the basic foundation of fiscal policy and specific evaluation system of effective expenditure of the state budget in socio-economic areas will be established to help the economy.

This action will give us an opportunity to increase the wages of the workers of budget-funded sectors, pensions and scholarships by three times.

In general, over the next seven years, the real incomes of the population will be grown up by four times.

Steadfast development of hydro-power sector will be continued as an essential and the key pillar of the country's economy which would ultimately help to eliminate one of the major barriers to the development of the national economy – energy shortage.

Dozens of promising hydro-energy projects will be implemented for these purposes.

Pulling Tajikistan out of communication deadlock is one of the strategic goals of the national development and it is a matter of delight that we have successfully implemented this vital program.

Today the great Silk Road as a factor of a staunch friendship and integration and economic breakthrough and trade development connects Tajikistan with many other countries, both in the East and the West and in the North and South.

We in future will continue to mobilize all of our resources and potential for the development of communication networks, primarily for the construction of roads, bridges and road tunnels that meet international standards, as the main arteries that would promote country’s development.

Placing particular emphasis on the construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation of airports, railways and roads, we will give a major boost to the country's sustainable development and will extend and deepen our international relations with the rest of the world.

Gradual increase of industrial production capacity, strengthening the competitiveness of commodities and the expansion of a quantum of export of the country, raising the technical level of production based on the widespread use of state-of-the-art technology, as well as providing markets with products agreeable to the international standards are identified as yet another major objectives of the government.

Thereby, we will increase the export capacity of the country through restoring tremendous industrial facilities, mineral extraction and processing of mineral resources, via promoting development of light industry, building materials and the processing of local raw materials.

To materialize this task we intend to build and commission over 200 new manufacturing facilities by 2020 worth over four billion somoni.

With the view to exercising one of the strategic goals of the country – promotion of food security, the government will give an utmost attention to the continued development of agriculture as a major direction of national development and will devote much of its efforts to increase agricultural production and, eventually, provide the population with locally produced food.

To this end, we are committed to continue agricultural sector reform, and the reforms aimed at promotion of increased efficiency of water and land resources and improve a culture of land use.

Science, education and health care sectors will continue to be the key areas of social policy and their funding will be increased from year to year.

We are determined to further carry out helpful reforms in these fields in future. 

The strategy of "Conversion to Youth" will also be in the spotlight of state and government in the years to come.

Dealing with the life of young people and tackling challenges the youth is facing, a generation that entrusted with building a future of the nation and the hopes of the people of the country – indicates concern for the future well-being and prosperity of society and caring for the successful movement of the state forward.

In this connection, an increased attention will be given to the training of highly qualified personnel those meet the requirements of time both at home and abroad and we will prioritize human development dimension, including the issues of selection and placement of competent staff with high professional standards, with the knowledge of languages and skills.

Formation of many-sided human being, promotion of healthy life style and education of the young generation in the spirit of self-knowledge, national identity and patriotism and respect to benign national and universal values are among major social policy of the state.

To increase the role of women in society and empower women, training of personnel from among talented women and girls and to support women's initiatives in various sectors of society and taking care of the family is yet another objective of our government in this direction.

The government will continue supporting low-income families through creation of conditions for their development and will take care of careless and orphan children and teens. People with disabilities will be under the direct supervision and guardianship of the state.

The government will elaborate and endorse public program “Rural Development” in the very soon future and will proceed to the implementation of the given program which would provide for a reconstruction of infrastructure of settlements and villages, improvement of conditions of educational establishments and health care institutions, maintenance of roads and water supply systems, culture and sports facilities.

Significant attention will be paid to the commissioning of new capacity for the production of competitive and export-oriented products, to the complete processing of local raw materials, as well as the import of modern technology and the creation of new jobs throughout the country.

We are as well as obliged to give an unwavering support for small and medium-sized businesses, especially promote manufacturing business. It will remain one of the most important tasks ahead of us in the future.

Development of manufacturing entrepreneurship in priority areas will be provided through the increase of a quantum of Entrepreneurship Support Fund.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, I am humbled to again extend deep appreciation and profound gratitude to all generous entrepreneurs and individual businesses, who have over the recent years been taking an active part and play notable role in the development of the Fatherland, and do highly evaluate their contribution they make to building social facilities and manufacturing enterprises as they create new jobs for tens of thousands of people all across the country.

We have achieved remarkable progress in a democratization of Tajikistan and we are committed to taking further bold steps towards this path, although building a democratic society is a long and challenging historic process. We have started to pave this way.

We are pleased to note that a multi-party system today is established and various public and civil society organizations freely operate in the country.

We are keen to comprehensively improve and strengthen democratic principles and the values of sovereign, legal and secular state, promote political and ideological pluralism, freedom of conscience and freedom of expression within the scope of the Constitution and the laws while protecting national interests and taking into account international regulations and standards.

Human rights and freedoms, equality, social justice, free activity of individuals and of public organizations, variety of forms of ownership and the rule of law will be improved in accordance with the constitutional regulations  and the judiciary.

We are determined to continue judicial and legal reforms and to develop and adopt necessary laws to create a legal framework with the aim to achieve these goals.

Furthermore, fight against crime, first and foremost, tackling corruption, counter-terrorism and extremism, fighting drug trafficking and other forms of transnational organized crime will be reinforced and intensified in the years to come as the principal activities of security and law enforcement agencies and all relevant government authorities.

Dear friends!

Yet on 15th of March 2013, during my meeting with employees of the diplomatic service of the country I have unequivocally described priorities and the key objectives of the Tajik foreign policy in the years to come.

I now would like to reiterate that the principal directions of the foreign policy of sovereign Tajikistan remain invariable. Our foreign policy, known as the policy of "open doors" and focused on the further implementation of strategic objectives of the state will contribute to promoting Tajikistan on the international arena, introducing the country with dignity.

We sustain friendly relations and strong cooperation with all countries those demonstrate goodwill, above all strengthen and enhance relationship with our close neighbors based on the generally accepted principles of good-neighborliness and mutual respect.

As modern world is in a state of transformation and evolution, we will focus all our might and endeavors on something to keep up with these great changes and keep pace with the times.

We are firmly resolved to further concentrate our energies and efforts towards promoting Tajikistan’s reputation and introduction on the international arena as civilized and ancient state, so that each of our national wherever he or she is, could take pride in his or her country of origin and proudly present him/herself as a citizen of this great country.

We will certainly achieve our great and noble goals if we all are united and devotedly serve beloved Homeland, if we further strengthen the constitutional rights and freedoms of people and citizens, if we ensure their active participation in the public administration and even deeper learn supreme cultural and spiritual values ​​of the people, its ancient, centuries-old history and our flamboyant national traditions and, most importantly, if we put our national and state interests above all other interests.

Fulfillment of these tasks that is faithful service to the people is the primary mission of the President and the Government, of the Parliament, and of all civil servants of the country.

Since people in Tajikistan do rely on us and hope for the appropriate conditions and life of dignity and they do believe that Tajikistan, by means of our joint and extensive efforts, as well as devoted endeavor, will prosper and move forward and will gain an increased credibility in the international arena.

I emphasize it once again that we – all of us bear the awesome responsibility for the materialization of these good intentions.

Dear fellow-citizens!

Distinguished members of the Majlisi Milli and the deputies of Majlisi namoyandagon!

Distinguished audience!

Ladies and gentlemen!

I do absolutely trust to the creative power of each individual in the country and remain optimistic about prosperous and thriving future of Tajikistan.

I am convinced that, we will manage to fulfil in a proper manner the tasks we are facing and devote all our energy and capability to the cause of prosperity and the progress of beloved Motherland - Tajikistan.

In order to achieve this objective we first of all need genuine peace, safety and political stability, cohesion and the unity of the people of Tajikistan, love towards the country and respect of its territorial integrity, daily untiring work and lofty aspirations of each proud and glorious son of the Homeland.

The noble people of Tajikistan witness that I, since the very first moments of the election as the Head of State to date, with a strong commitment devote my every day life to bring about happiness and the well-being to my proud nation, to the cause of prosperity and progress of my country and to raise the country’s profile on the international arena.

Today, I, following the dictates of heart and reason, swear by the holy name of the Almighty, by the good and the sacred name of Tajikistan, by the name of its skyscraper mountains, valleys and golden flower gardens, take vow in the name of fathers and mothers, youngster and children, and I take the oath by the life of more than eight million citizens of the country once again and swear to devote all my life, my hopes, thoughts and power to the present day and the bright future of the people and to the flourishing future of Tajikistan.

As long as my heart beats, I will persistently work and devote whatever power I possess to justify the confidence of my glorious nation, and create conditions for a better and merit life in each family of the country and, if necessary, I stand ready to sacrifice myself.

I am that Emomali Rahmon who yet in 1992, swearing in before taking an office courageously promised to the great and noble Tajik nation to devote my being for the sake of lasting peace and stability in my country, for the consolidation of the people, for the national unity and prosperity of Tajikistan.

Today I thank God that I did not lose faith and trust of the people, and I bow my head before the glorious and proud people of Tajikistan for such great trust and complete confidence in me.

I ask the Almighty, to protect Tajikistan from all earthly and heavenly disasters, and give His blessing to each and every family of the country and bring lasting peace and stability, everlasting happiness, every bit of luck and prosperity. We today reaffirm our sincere dedication and fidelity to our country, to our great nation, and to the cause of safe and prosperous future of our Homeland and publicly say:

Long live Tajikistan and viva glorious and enlightened Tajik nation!

May sun of happiness, freedom, and independence shine over Tajikistan forever!

May God bless Tajikistan with peace and harmony, progress and prosperity!

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