President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Speech at the Armed Forces Oath Ceremony and the Military Parade

16.11.2013 13:11, Dushanbe city

Distinguished compatriots!
Valiant defenders of the Motherland!

In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, I have just solemnly sworn in and accomplished a ceremony of inauguration of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan – taking the oath in the presence of members of the Majlisi milli and the deputies of Majlisi namoyandagon, members of the Government and the civil society of the country.

According to political practice, a ceremony of taking an oath before the people imposes high responsibility and an obligation to the newly elected President to initiate an implementation of the pre-election program.

In order to fulfill the constitutional powers of the Head of State and facilitate practical realization of the goals and programs of the Government of the country, we first of all need peace and safety, political stability, security of the state and society, universal respect for law and public order, that is, we need to promote the rule of law, protect and ensure security of the people which are the key tasks of law enforcement agencies and military authorities.

As, defend of ancestral land, protection of peace and stability all across the country, as well as promotion and respect of the interests of the nation and furtherance of its overall development has always been and remains as a filial duty of honored and noble sons, and above all a vital task of faithful guards – the patriots and since the ancient history of our nation had as a legacy been handed down from generation to generation as the most important factor of education and basic component of the traditions of courage.

In these moments, when, in accordance with the provisions of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "On the solemn oath of army soldiers as a sign of loyalty and devotion to the President of Tajikistan", military commanders, officers and the soldiers of other military units and sections, law-enforcement bodies and defense authorities take oath as a sign of devotion to the Homeland, and people of the country and the newly elected head of state, I as the Supreme Commander-in Chief of the Armed Forces of the country would like to extend sincere appreciation to all of you for your courage, heroism and loyalty you displayed in restoring constitutional order, in building peace, stability and security of the state and society, in strengthening national unity, in protecting the country, in the fight against crime, and in promoting the interests of the country and its citizens, and in ensuring the rule of law.

I would also like to remind that you have to learn the lessons of courageous and glorious past of enlightened and peace-loving Tajik nation, and along with a demonstration of vigilance and your staunch loyalty to the native land, you should be well aware of the past and the present history of the nation.

Since these elements are the bases of the strength of the Armed Forces, including National Army, law-enforcement agencies and defense authorities and  at same time are essential part of the national statehood and a powerful, unbreakable shield of our Motherland. 

A high level of professional and combat readiness of the Armed Forces at all times was depended on the quality of training and education of officers and soldiers, compliance with military regulations and discipline, vigilance and continuous improvement of political and military knowledge, as well as deep awareness of patriotism and devotion.

In particular, over the course of the recent years, when globalization process and interweaving of world problems, the competition of the world powers and the risk and menaces of modern threats and challenges, such as terrorism and extremism, illegal trafficking in narcotics and other transnational crimes increase and jeopardize cultural identity and even the political independence of individual countries all around the globe, all of us are obliged to take bold steps and drastic measures through an implementation of new principles and mechanisms of military and armed forces units management and an introduction of new means and methods of addressing modern threats and challenges to enhance the defense capability of the country and improve professional skill and expertise and the efficiency of the national army.

The government of the country will in future take all the necessary steps in order to renew the material-technical base of the Armed Forces of the country, create better conditions for life and service and tackle social difficulties the army soldiers, military and the law enforcement agencies facing.

Meanwhile, each of you should prioritize the issue of protection and the promotion of invaluable achievements of the Tajik nation – state independence, peace, stability and national unity by means of which we introduce our strong political will and the centuries-old culture of our educated people on the international stage.

I with full confidence declare that the valiant officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Tajikistan and the personnel of law enforcement bodies will remain devoted to oath they have taken and will duly perform their filial duty before the country, the nation and the state of Tajikistan in good faith, and moreover will mobilize all their knowledge, experience and skills for the protection of achievements of the national independence.

At this joyous occasion, I address to you – the heirs of our ancient historical homeland – and urge each of you to remain vigilant and love the Homeland and the nation as your own mother.

Since stability and prosperity of Tajikistan means the well-being of your family and household.

I wish each of you – courageous and valiant defenders of the homeland every success in the fulfillment of sacred and noble task of protecting the achievements of the independence, national interests, stability and security of the state and the safety of the people.

I wish you - courageous and brave defenders of independent Tajikistan good health and the well-being!

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